Truth or dare (dirty)

truth or dare questions


  1. (For a guy) What have you done with a lady (or guy)
  2. (for girl) what have you done with a guy (or girl)
  3. If (blah blah blah) was turned into an animal and you had to mate to alter them back, which creature would cause the least mental damage?
  4. What would you do to (blah blah blah) for a klondike bar?
  5. (for a man) would you touch (blah blah blah) boobs?
  6. Perhaps you have needed to watch get your clit/member pierced?
  7. If you had to make a porno, and you had to select someone in this room, who’d it be?
  8. What’s the most stupid thing you’ve done because someone dared you to
  9. Which girl would you believe would give the best BJ?
  10. Which guy would you believe has the longest penis?
  11. Would you swallow or spit? (for girls)
  12. What is the quickest you’ve cum (for men)
  13. Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing knickers?
  14. Would you be turned on if I requested you to spank me?
  15. What’s your favourite thing about the opposite sex?
  16. Tell the group what turns u on



  1. Let a man catch a girls boobs
  2. touch a men dick
  3. Bite on someone on the neck
  4. Eat a strawberry
  5. Lick someones tongue
  6. Have a man lick a girls boob (doesn’t need to be a tit)
  7. Sit on a guys lap and make sounds that are sexual
  8. Have a guy arouse a girls tits versa
  9. Tie a woman to some seat u can do anything 2 her awful or great. If she flinchs, laughs or moves at all she must take off an article of clothing
  10. have a guy lick whip cream off a girls tits or simply on sensative part (vice versa)
  11. Tie a girls/men hands behind their backs and let someone of the opposite sex and do what they desire for 30 seconds
  12. Select someone to give you a hickey on the neck, chest, etc… their round will be skipped and this also will count as a challenge for the individual you select.
  13. Select someone to spank you and straddle their hips and say it in your sexiest voice right within their ear. They need certainly to spank you. This also will count their round will be bypassed and as a dare for the person you choose.
  14. Sexually tease someone
  15. Spank someone
  16. Have a guy take off a girls piece of clothing (vice versa)


  1. (for boys) unclasp a girls bra and push their torso into yours
  2. (girls) take your bra off but leave your top on
  3. Get a guy to go out into a public area and sit down on a bench next to some random man scratching their crotch and saying, “Damn these crabs really itch!”
  4. If there’s someone in the group wearing a tie pull them close using an kiss is tied them by their
  7. Have a guy kiss a girls croth (over the slacks)
  8. have a girl kiss a men crotch (over the pants)

Group challenge

Tell whoevers turn allow the group decide who they need to have do something to the individual being dared and it really is to leave the room for one minute. Bring the person back in and blindfold them (or if desired tie hands to a lamp or something). Have the man you picked do something to the daree until the daree makes or moans some sound that is sexual.

Blindfold whoevers turn it’s and have someone of the oppostie sex do something sexual to them and let them guess who it is

Have howevers turn it is leave the room for an instant. Allow the group decide who they want to perform the challenge with the daree. Bring the daree back and have them crouch on the ground and stick their bum in the air. Have etc… or whoever the group picked come up behind them and hump their booty, spank them You can also blindfold.

Tell whoever the daree is to leave the room and allow group decide who they need to have perform the dare with the daree. (can be with opposite sexes or same sex.) You’ll be able to put the blindfold on them and don;t tell them who it is. Tell the daree to lay down on the ground or table or whatever and don’t tell them what’s going on. Have the man the group picked get on top of them and do what they need to them.

Have two girls are selected by the group if you are a guy. The girl must be chosen by you with the closest shaved. If you are right, then your challenge is over. You must eat her out if you’re wrong.

other matches to play at parties!!!

Strip for the ace:

First everyone sets all the blankets you’re able to find them around. You may simply use the blankets in the room you are playing in. Then catch a deck of cards and plit them equally. The player with the highest card must stip a layer of clothing(or a blanket). The person with the lowest card must add a layer of a blanket or clothing. The first person completely nude wins the match.

The Ace is the highest card.

You also may play by when you have to strip a layer someone takes that layer off of you, and you may not help them.

Figure Who you’re Kissing?

Split into blindfold one team and two teams and put them in a line. Each girl will take a move kissing each man on the other team. They have to figure who each kiss was. Change places and take action again. The team who gets the most appropriate is the victor.